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Car Locksmith Service By Fiber Lock and Key Escondido CA

Excellent Auto Locksmith Services

We are all in need of excellent automotive locksmith services, and in the vicinity of Escondido city, San Diego, Fiber Lock and Key has a reputation of being a dependable and reliable company. Our locksmiths perform various types of locksmith services for commercial, automotive, and residential purposes.  Everyone involved in our company – from the customer service staff to the locksmiths provides efficient services and exemplary support. We provide key duplication, rekeying, key replacement services, security installation, emergency lockout services, and many others.  We have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time, and our experience, service and expertise are well-known in the area.  We have a lot of positive reviews and feedback from our satisfied customers. We take pride in our top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

We continue to seek ways on how to improve our service and the company, and one of our initiatives is to send our locksmiths to trainings to keep them updated on the latest trends in the market.  This assures the customer that when a car locksmith arrives on your doorstep, he is trained, skilled, and equipped to do his job. Aside from skills and knowledge, we aim to put a smile on our customers’ faces by providing them excellent service.  We want to make them feel that we truly care about them. On this page you will have a glimpse of some of the services we provide.  For your vehicles, we provide rekeying services, among other things. For your home, we offer garage door locksmith services. We also offer various key duplication services.

Car Locksmith Service:  Transponder Key Programming

Most car keys manufactured these days use transponder keys to operate the vehicle.  Transponder keys electronically communicate with the vehicle as long as it is within its prescribed range.  It is computer-programmed to synchronize with a specific vehicle. The process of setting the transponder key to synchronize with the car is called transponder key programming. Upon purchasing a car, car dealerships usually program the transponder key before giving it to the customer. The microchip found inside the transponder key head has a radio frequency that sends and receives the correct signal.  The processor found inside the transponder key has the purpose of communicating with the car’s electronic system.

When a transponder key needs to be replaced, the vehicle owner usually goes to the car manufacturer to get a replacement, which could be quite expensive.  Another option is to go an automotive locksmith to have them replaced. Escondido Locksmith has a professional team of experts who can replace transponder keys and reprogram the keys to match the car’s computer system.  While the car dealership has the special machine that could reprogram the transponder key, a reputable locksmith has invested on the very same equipment.  The only difference is locksmiths will charge a cheaper rate than the auto dealership.  Our locksmiths and support staff go to great lengths of explaining the entire process to clients.  New keys need to be reprogrammed because the old program will no longer work with a new key. These types of services need to be fully understood by vehicle owners.

Automotive locksmith
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Automotive Locksmith: Car Trunk Lock

Our cars are an important part of our lives, and if just one part is not working well, it causes a lot of worry and frustration that could dampen our day.  One seemingly small concern, but has big implications, is when your car trunk won’t close.  The reason behind this is most likely a defective lock.  When troubleshooting techniques don’t seem to work or are just temporary, it is advisable that you call an automotive locksmith.  In the area of San Diego, a locksmith company such as Fiber Lock and Key can be contacted and they will be able to send technicians to fix the problem. 

Since our locksmiths are trained to handle almost all types of locks, including a car trunk lock, they are well adept in figuring out the solution to the problem.  They understand that trunk locks have a general design, and they have specific locks that fit into a certain vehicle brand.  However, many trunk lock manufacturers already have generic locks that match the locks of car brands. Car owners will now be given an option by a locksmith either to buy a branded car trunk lock or just purchase a generic lock.  Either way, our locksmiths will be able to install these locks expertly, and make it look as if it was not broken in the first place. This process will be patiently and clearly explained by the locksmith assigned to the vehicle owner. They can also guide the owner in determining what type of lock is most suitable for your needs and budget considerations.

Automotive Locksmiths: The process of rekeying

Fiber Lock and Key offers rekeying services for cars whose keys are misplaced, lost, or stolen.  Since those old keys are rendered useless, there is a need to rekey the lock of the car so that a brand new key can be used.  This is also an added security measure so that those who stole your car keys won’t have access to your car anymore. Rekeying locks of cars seem to be a popular do-it-yourself activity nowadays.  However, we strongly advise against it.  There is a lot of damage that can be incurred if you do this yourself.  Better leave it in the hands of professionals.

The professional auto locksmith that will be assigned to your car will follow a methodical step-by-step process in order to ensure that your car is re-keyed properly.  We want to share with you the steps that they follow so that you are also aware of what happens to your vehicle while this is going on. The first step is removing the door lock and tumbler.  When it has been properly removed, the tumblers’ pattern will be readjusted to fit into a different key pattern. The new key pattern is the basis for the new cut keys. The second step is marking your key blank for cutting.  The blank key is inserted into the tumbler mechanism, and then they will be marked, ready for cutting. Since they also offer key cutting services, the locksmith will cut and create brand new keys using the pattern.  Part of our process is testing the new key, to check it they’re all working.