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CCTV Cameras

CCTV Service By Fiber Lock and Key Escondido CA

Security Services for your Home and Office

There is no doubt that your home and office needs top-notch security.  All our valuable material belongings need to be secured. In commercial establishments, there’s valuable equipment and documents that need to be secured. Most importantly, our loved ones, employees, and customers all need to be protected.  This security is something that cannot be compromised.  This is the reason why we need a reliable and dependable security company that knows different ways to protect our home, commercial establishments, and other properties. In the city of Escondido, located in San Diego County, California, there are many business establishments and suburban residences.  It is a relatively quiet area with lots of parks and a zoo, but there is also the presence of crime.  The residents of Escondido rely on one security company to assist them in securing and protecting their homes.  Security Company, located in downtown Escondido, is a reputable and well-know security company that is trusted by the residents in the community.

Throughout the years, it has made a name for itself as one of the premiere and most trusted locksmith companies in the area.  While it still retains its core business of providing locksmith services, it has also expanded its security business due to the demands of the community.  They also want to be updated with the latest in security technology.  It is for this reason that they are now offering security services such as the installation of CCTV cameras to homes and businesses in the Escondido area.

CCTV Installation Package Inclusions

Homeowners and business owners will be glad to know that the CCTV installation of qualified and licensed technicians from Fiber Lock and Key are complete – they are with the client in each step of the way, from site assessment by a certified and trained technician to final check-up and system configuration.  They will not leave property owners in the dark after CCTV installation.  They will see to it that property managers and owners know how to operate the system and understand how to run it. All these services are done for the benefit of the busy home or business owner, who need a reliable and trustworthy company to serve their security needs.

Aside from site assessment services, technicans will also do cable routing from cameras to powerpoints, back to the DVR system.  They will also install all the individual components of security cameras.  They offer installation packages based on the number of cameras and the types of system that will be used. In choosing a type of CCTV camera, homeowners or business owners base their options on the following criteria: the number of cameras needed, the extent of the property, the area that will be used, and budget restrictions.  There are several types of cameras that can be installed:  there are wireless cameras, night vision cameras, indoor and outdoor cameras, and motion detection cameras. Fiber Lock and Key offers installation of these kinds of cameras, incuding adjustment, setting up and networking the DVR, and assessing the property to see what kind of cameras are needed and where to place them.

CCTV Cameras
CCTV Cameras escondido
CCTV escondido ca

CCTV Systems

Many home and business owners are opting to use CCTV systems in providing security for their properties.  Many public places even have CCTV cameras now, places such as train stations, bus stations, traffic intersections, and airports. The benefits of surveillance cameras cannot be underestimated.  Small CCTV cameras are now common place even in small businesses and private homes. There are many benefits of installing a CCTV system in your home or business.  This is done as a precautionary measure to improve the security and safety of a property. This is beneficial because the homeowner is able to monitor and identify the goings-on in his or her property.  Another benefit of CCTV systems is that it could potentially provide evidence for criminal activities and other goings-on. Thus, it protects the property from theft and money loss.

A well-installed security system will be able to provide families with a sense of peace and safety.  It would also provide employees and customers a sense of security and a good work environment when they’re inside a commercial establishment. As a result, many customers will be attracted to your place of business.  CCTV cameras can also reduce a business’ insurance premium. It can spot accidents and other important activities that will otherwise not be seen. Some CCTV cameras are even linked to warning systems or alert police.  There are also various types of cameras that can be installed depending on the needs, preferences, and budget of the owner. Installing CCTV systems for your home or business is highly recommended.

Best Security Service

Fiber Lock and Key provides dependable and excellent locksmith and security services for your home and business. Aside from high-tech security systems, Fiber also offers other locksmith services to the community. Here is an array of residential services that they offer:  burglary damage repair, key cutting, key duplication and key replacement services, changing locks, cracking safes, installing a master key system, installing peepholes, locking mailboxes, and installing deadbolt locks. If the security of your home has been compromised due to a burglary or a burglary attempt, it is a good idea to change all your house locks as a safety precaution.  Especially if your door locks are damaged, a higher security system is needed.  Even if your door locks are not damaged, it is wise to still change your door locks. Businesses and commercial establishments also benefit from their service.  They offer grade 1 lock installation, access control systems, profile cylinder locks, panic bars, high security locks, installation of biometric locks, and many more.

Your trusted locksmith from Fiber Lock and Key works with any type of key and any type of brand.  They have advanced machinery that is able to duplicate just about any kind of key for the home.  Key duplication is done through a punch machine, if it is made from traditional metal.  The machine can also perform rapid duplication, and one key can be done in as fast as one minute.  The machine’s precision and attention to the specific grooves, notches and margins of the key is definitely top quality. The shop also has laser cutting equipment for laser cut keys.