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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Service By Fiber Lock and Key Escondido CA

Commercial Locksmith Service in Escondido

Business and shop owners require high-quality building security.  Business establishments hold a lot of value for the owners and for the employees.  This is where they get their bread and butter, and if an untoward incident happens, it could potentially do a lot of harm. To prevent untoward incidents from happening to business establishments, they need to have a top-notch, powerful security system.  Their commercial establishments must be free from the danger of being broken into, and should be impenetrable.  Locks for commercial buildings and shops should be much more sophisticated than the ones we have at home.  Although excellent security is also needed in the home, a building or store should have features that offer leveled-up protection.

For business owners in the Escondido, San Diego area, there is a commercial locksmith company that offers installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of high security door locks. Locksmith Escondido CA provides a slew of commercial locksmith services.  What does a high security system have? First off, a top-notch security system contains a high defense deadbolt and latches.  These deadbolts and latches are built with integrated cylinders, which make them resistant to drilling.  Drilling is one way that a thief can break into a commercial door, and having integrated cylinders in commercial doors make them extra hard to penetrate. When security systems for business establishments are discussed, owners usually think about high-tech equipment such as security cameras, electronic access or alarms.  Many owners seem to neglect the fact that sturdy locks are equally important as electronic devices.  Their commercial locksmiths will make sure that both electronic equipment and physical devices are given equal emphasis in installing a comprehensive commercial security system.

Locksmith Service for your Business: High Security Locks and Keys

Most businesses require high security locks.  Commercial establishments need to have these types of locks in order to protect employees, stocks and supplies, and expensive equipment.  Creating high security locks need sophisticated equipment.  Fiber Lock and Key has a patented security system that can only be operated by our trained locksmiths.  Only a specially trained locksmith will be able to create and duplicate high security locks using our machines. High security keys and locks use a very specific verification system.  This prevents the keys from being replicated by a person who is not authorized to handle it. Let’s look at it this way: an ordinary key can be duplicated easily at a local hardware store.  However, a high security key will not allow a non-authorized dealer to duplicate it.  In this way, only authorized personnel can handle the keys and have the keys duplicated.

Another characteristic of a high security lock is that it cannot be picked easily.  This pick resistance technology is only offered by locksmith companies that have invested in this expensive equipment. When this is applied to locks, they prevent a person from picking the locks to open them.  Another way that thieves break into business establishments is by drilling a hole in the lock.  A high security lock has drill resistance technology.  Their locksmiths design and install high-security cylinders that cannot be drilled with a hole.  Their high security locks are also attack resistant.  They increase physical attack resistance by installing an interlocking deadbolt and strike plate.  Pick resistance, drill resistance and attack resistance are all factors that we consider in installing high security locks in your business premises.

Commercial locksmith
Commercial locksmith escondido
Commercial locksmith escondido ca

Other Commercial Locksmith Services

Aside from providing high security locks and keys for business establishments, Fiber Lock and Key also offers business establishments in the Escondido area other services for the utmost security and protection of their businesses. Here is a list of their other services: for commercial establishment, Fiber Lock and Key offer Grade 1 Lock installation, access control systems, profile cylinder locks, panic bars, high security locks, office lockout service, installation and repair of commercial safe, installation and repair of cabinet locks, keyless entry system, installation of biometric locks, and garage locks. When it comes to commercial safes, most commercial establishments have safes where they keep valuable documents and belongings.  These safes are usually made from sturdy, durable, and fireproof materials.  Professional locksmiths are able to install, maintain, and crack open safes for commercial establishments. They also give advice and recommendations on the best type of safes to use.

To better respond to technological innovations in security systems, the company also offers access control systems services such as the installation and repair of different types of readers such as camera readers, fingerprint readers, card readers, and keypad entry systems. They also offer intercom and alarm systems installation and repair.  There are many kinds of intercom systems available that a qualified technician from Fiber Lock and Key can install:  telephone entry system, wireless intercom system, audio and video intercom system, and network-based intercom system.  There are also various kinds of alarm systems that could be installed in the commercial establishment.  These alarm systems would greatly enhance security.  There are burglar alarms, panic alarms, smoke detectors, heat detectors, and life safety alarms that Fiber Lock and Key provides.

Excellent Locksmith Services

We are all in need of excellent commercial locksmith services, and in the vicinity of Escondido, San Diego County, Fiber Lock and Key has a reputation of being a dependable and reliable company. Residents and business owners in the community highly recommend this company. Their locksmiths perform various types of locksmith services for commercial, automotive, and residential purposes.  Everyone involved in our company – from the customer service staff to the locksmiths provides efficient services and exemplary support.  For business and commercial establishments, they provide a myriad of services which includes key duplication, rekeying, key replacement services, security installation, emergency lockout services, and many others.  They have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time, and their experience, service and expertise are well-known in the area.  They have a lot of positive reviews and feedback from our satisfied customers.  They take pride in their top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

They continue to seek ways on how to improve their service and the company, and one of their initiatives is to send their locksmiths to trainings to keep them updated on the latest trends in the market.  This assures the customer that when a locksmith arrives on your doorstep, he is trained, skilled, and equipped to do his job. Since they are available 24/7, they are readily accessible even in the wee hours of the morning. Aside from skills and knowledge, they aim to put a smile on our customers’ faces by providing them excellent service.  They want to make them feel that we truly care about them.