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Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith Service By Fiber Lock and Key Escondido CA

Various Residential Locksmith Services at Escondido

Locksmith Escondido provides various services that meet your needs.  They serve customers with their automotive concerns, needs in the business, and locksmith requirements for the home.  With a variety of services that they offer, it is no wonder that they are the leading residential locksmith company in the Escondido area.  There are other locksmith services in the area. However, not all companies are qualified and licensed to serve you. Homeowners in Escondido need a trustworthy and reliable company to help them with their security and lock and key concerns.

Their customer service hotline is available 24/7. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you with all of your concerns.  If you need help right where you are located – be it a parking lot or in your own home, the technicians will be dispatched right away.  They should be in your specified location in a few minutes. Their professional locksmiths will always suggest the best solutions based on your needs and budget.  They can provide the most effective and cost-effective way of dealing with a locksmith-related concerns for the home. Their solutions will not compromise quality and durability. They offer their clients affordability and effectiveness, rendering excellent service at all times.  They prioritize customer satisfaction. Their professionals accept calls all day and night, and they acknowledge that an emergency can happen anytime. They are committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. They have a reputation of being one of the most trusted and reliable automotive locksmith companies in the Escondido, San Diego county area.

Key Replacement & Duplication for your Home

Just as Fiber Lock and Key can duplicate car keys and install safes for businesses, they are also able to do one of the most basic functions of a locksmith: duplicate keys and replace locks.  Their residential locksmith services are still the backbone of their business. If you need to have your house keys replaced and duplicated, call their 24 hour hotline and they will assist you promptly. Homeowners are also asked to consider upgrading to higher security locks or having a master lock.  A master lock is essentially creating one key that would work on all the locks in your home.  Residential locksmiths can also help homeowners figure out which locks to use that meet insurance requirements. Insurance agencies specify the locks that you should use in your home.  You may not be able to get claims should a burglary occur if your locks are not up to their standards.

The reason for getting your home locks and keys replaced are varied.  The most common reason is simply the fact that they have been lost or misplaced.  When you call the service hotline of Fiber Lock and Key, the support staff will immediately dispatch a qualified and trained locksmith to serve your needs.  When they arrive at your property, they will help you gain entry either through the front door or the back door.  Once you are secure inside your home, the technician will recommend that you change your lock for security purposes.  Since your old keys have been missing, it is actually a good idea to just change your locks. Once you agree, the locksmith will then cut keys for your new lock.

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Key Duplication Services

One of the major services that Fiber Lock and Key offer is key duplication services.  They have invested in highly specialized and advanced tools and equipment to create precise replicas of various keys.  They are able to duplicate any key brand and type in the market today.  Aside from their high-tech equipment, they also trained the locksmith who will operate the machinery. We believe that great equipment is rendered useless if not properly maximized and used.  Their locksmiths can duplicate house keys, car keys, master keys, and all other types of keys. Key cutting, which has roots in ancient metalworking techniques, is both an art and a science.  These days, duplication also entails mechanical skills using automated machines.  There are also key duplication machines found in hardware stores, but for precise and quality cutting, it is best to go to a certified and licensed company that provides with excellent residential locksmith services. 

Local hardware stores also don’t have sophisticated laser cutting machines and transponder programming machines for modern day keys. Using laser cutting machines and transponder programming machines should be done by trained locksmiths only. There are other specific key machines used for various purposes.  All these machines are used for different types of key duplication. There are key machines for cylinder keys, bit and double bit keys, master keys, and control keys. These machines guarantee precision cutting and smooth edges, making the duplicate key as good as the original. The key cutting and key duplication services that Fiber offers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give them a call now to inquire or make an appointment. Their customer service staff will be more than glad to assist you.

Residential Locksmith: Installing Deadbolt Locks

Most residences need to secure their lock and key doors with deadbolt locks.  Deadbolt locks provide an additional security and protection for doors that have a key in knob lock.  This type of lock can easily be opened through lock picking or physical force, so it is a good idea to reinforce the locks using deadbolt locks. To install deadbolt locks in your home, you may call a reputable locksmith.  Capable locksmiths are able to expertly set up a deadbolt lock in a short amount of time.  Their professional residential locksmith services get the job done as efficiently and quickly as possible. Before installation, the locksmith will help you choose which type of deadbolt lock is most suitable for the doors in your home.  There are actually seven types of deadbolt locks available in the market today.

The most common type is the single cylinder deadbolt lock. It is mounted inside the door.  It has a twist knob and a key cylinder on either side.  A double cylinder deadbolt lock has no twist knob.  The double cylinder deadbolt needs keys from both sides of the door before it could be opened. There is also a type of keyless deadbolt, wherein the lock is mounted inside the door but instead of a keyhole, it contains a keypad.  A specific PIN code will be assigned for the specific door but it can be reprogrammed and changed as often as possible. A digital deadbolt runs on batteries in order to operate.  A type of deadbolt that automatically locks each time that the door is closed is called a rim deadbolt.  A vertical deadbolt is situated on top of a door, and lastly, a mortise deadbolt, which is installed on a recessed part on the side of the door.